The Song of Yuejian

Release time:

2022-04-13 13:54


The Song of Yuejian

43 years of hard work and hard work,

43 years of unremitting pursuit, dreams come true.

Blood casts "China Famous Trademark",

Passionately open up the "Kingdom of Textile Machinery" base;

Integrity, responsibility, innovation, excellence,

Yuejian Smart,

We stand together in weal and woe,

Once, we experienced ups and downs,

Once, we also faced market downturn;


No matter how cold or hot it is, no matter how oily your body is,

There is always a group of lovely people,

In the company's workshops and warehouses,

Commissioning, R&D center,

On the journey of chasing dreams,

No complaints, no regrets, no thorns.


Do not forget the original intention, forge ahead,

Because we all have a worth

proud name,

We are all ----- Yuejian people!


Technology leads the market, integrity creates a win-win situation,

Time does not wait for me, just fight for the day and night,

We have ushered in an era of rapid development;


Opportunities and challenges coexist,

Boating against the current, if you don't advance, you will retreat,

On the way forward,

The Yuejian people will definitely judge the situation,

Active learning, fostering strengths and avoiding weaknesses,

Maintain the company's core competitiveness,

One step at a time,

create one after another,

Brilliant performance!


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