The master is generous with his teachings, and the apprentice is diligently seeking - [Yuejian Intelligence] The master leads the apprentice to start the ceremony

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2022-04-13 14:20

In view of the current shortage of skilled workers in the industry and the difficulty of finding skilled workers, in order to further enhance the practical skills of new employees, promote an atmosphere of respecting teachers and valuing education, promote the spirit of craftsmen, maximize the technical advantages of basic-level masters, and better To implement and implement the team spirit of passing, helping and leading Yuejian Company, [Yuejian Intelligence] started the apprenticeship ceremony of masters and apprentices in the conference room on the second floor of the company on the afternoon of July 7th.


At 16:30 in the afternoon, the long-awaited master-apprentice ceremony was officially launched. The company's general manager issued an appointment certificate to the two masters of the machining center respectively. The apprentices offered tea to the masters in turn and bowed in parallel. The master and the apprentice also made speeches, and everyone took pictures one after another.


To teach apprentices, as a master, you should not only lead your apprentices to work, but also teach your apprentices your years of practical experience without reservation, but also teach apprentices how to integrate into the company team as soon as possible, and establish correct values and excellent professional ethics, discipline and style. . To form a good and strong learning atmosphere and promote the rapid growth of talents, in a certain sense, it is a concrete manifestation of an enterprise's respect for knowledge and talents, and it also reflects the determination of the company's senior leaders to put people first, cultivate employees, and effectively disseminate It improves the corporate culture, meets the actual needs of the company's rapid development, and can enhance the company's core competitiveness.


Machining center is a post with concentrated experience and a blend of various types of work. Most of the masters are experienced technical elites. In the work practice of this position for many years, the masters have indeed gone through a lot of detours in the past due to no guidance. , have experienced painful lessons and been criticized by leaders, but they did not retreat, but they invested more enthusiasm, studied hard, kept exploring, and just accumulated rich practical experience. I believe that by accepting apprentices, helping students Interacting and listening to the feedback of the disciples can also encourage the master to continue to learn and practice, so as to master new technical essentials. Of course, we do not forget to praise the diligent learning spirit of the young employees who are willing to be apprentices!


"I promise to respect the master, ask for advice with an open mind, be diligent and pragmatic, obey the teaching, and express my heartfelt thanks to the master! I will try to start the apprenticeship as soon as possible and make my own contribution to the Yuejian company." Apprentice Li Xia's statement is completely from the bottom of my heart, our masters It will not fail the expectations and trust of the leaders and colleagues, and will not disappoint the apprentices. I believe that they will formulate a detailed training plan for apprentices as soon as possible, do their best, teach patiently, and hand over a satisfactory job to the company. Answer sheet, let us wait and see!


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